Alumil SOLAR

Our History

2000: Alumil starts manufacturing mounting systems for large scale EPC companies all over the world.

2009: Alumil establishes its subsidiary, Alumil Solar, a separated company, which is specialized in providing turn-key solutions for PV projects.

2011: Alumil Solar starts selling its products not only to Greek Solar Market, but to European Solar Markets as well. Large scale projects in Germany and Italy are completed.

2012: Greek Solar Market is booming and the company achieves the completion of thousands of rooftop projects and hundreds of large scale installations as well.

2013: Company decides to focus only on designing, producing and delivering mounting systems on the site by taking advantage its private owned, large production facilities. Romanian Solar Market concentrates the majority of its exports.

2014: The best seller for ground mount PV projects, H2100-AS189, is designed. This racking system consists for the first time of aluminum and steel components. Exports become global and the first projects in Turkey, Egypt, Japan are being installed. In Europe utility scale PV Market of UK becomes the top Market.

2015: Alumil Solar is being established in the global PV Market as one of the top mounting structure suppliers after reaching 1GW installed PV capacity in mounting structures terms. PV installations are expanded in countries, such as Jordan, Malta, Sweden, Croatia and Turkey.

2016: Company supplies its mounting structures to Latin America (Panama) and Africa.

2017: Two pole mounting structure, H2100-SS189, is being designed, which is the best solution for free field aplications with pile foundation. Hot-dip galvanized steel with coating 80μm for corrosion resistance is the raw material for the two piles and the inclined
beams, which they are combined with horizontal aluminum beams (alloy 6005A) and offer the best possible spans between triangles.