Helios 2500 – Pure Tracker

Helios 2500 – Pure Tracker 2021-04-23T14:34:43+02:00

The new innovative solar mounting system Pure Tracker, designed by Alumil Solar in collaboration with the “Greenfields” company and entirely made of aluminium, offers a sun tracking function. The Pure Tracker consists of one axis system (vertical) and combines the advantages of a tracker mounting system with the flexibility of an aluminum structure, ensuring at the same time the highest possible value for money. The movement of the tracker is achieved using linear actuator motors (a 180W motor moves 50 PV panels) based on astronomical maps.

  • At least 25% higher energy efficiency than fixed mounting systems
  • Lightweight and flexible aluminium structure.
  • Easy transport and quick installation.
  • Pre-assembled.
  • Static analysis based on Eurocodes.
  • Suitable for panel with 2x1m dimensions.
  • Low self-consumption.

Technical Characteristics

Product Line: H2500
Type: One axis tracker
Implementation: Ground
Alloy: 6005Τ6
Placement: landscape
Power per axle: Up to 1kw
Tilt: 30 degrees
Control system: PLC with standard backtracking function
Angle of rotation: 60 to -60 degrees
Rotation system: Electronical
Installation: Concrete
Max height: 1,8 m
Energy consumption: Extremely low

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