One more new project with SS189 mounting system in Ukraine

//One more new project with SS189 mounting system in Ukraine

Following our recent business activity in Ukraine, we are excited for the design and manufacturing of mounting systems for another 5,1 MW PV project in Ukraine. The project was successfully completed in Autumn of 2019 by the EPC company EKOTECHNIK CZECH S.R.O.. Thus, our portfolio has been further expanded in this specific country, by reaching 12MW total installed power in terms of photovoltaic mounting structures.

At this specific project, two pile leg SS189 mounting structure was used, which is the ideal combination of aluminum and steel for large scale solar projects. The alignment of the modules was 2 portrait and the inclination was 35 degrees. A total amount of 15.456 photovoltaic panels were installed in a very short time period and with great flexibility, thanks to the aluminum purlings /rails.

Due to its high efficiency in free field installations at the lowest possible price, SS189 is being classified at the top among EPC companies’ preferences.

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