Tips for installing solar panels on your roof

//Tips for installing solar panels on your roof

Solar energy is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly sources of energy. It is a lot cleaner than fossil fuels and widely available, offering you a way to power your home using the sun for electricity production. By installing a photovoltaic array on your home, you can be self-sufficient in the production of electricity. 

If you are considering choosing a solar option, the following information will help you get started on the right path for making use of this renewable and clean energy source.

What type of solar mounting system to choose? 

When it comes to choosing the solar mounting system for your solar plant, have in mind to ask for aluminum mounting structures instead of hot deep galvanized or pre-galvanized iron, at least the purlins that meet the panel. Different materials cause electrochemical corrosion resulting in damaging the panel’s frame. Moreover, aluminium systems lead to a greater return of investment compared to mounting structures manufactured from other materials as it is a highly corrosion-resistant material remaining unaffected over the years. 

Alumil Solar mounting systems include 20 years warranty, ensuring the maximization of your investment. 

Is your roof suitable for solar panel installation? 

If you are too close to decide to install PV on your roof, consider first if your roof needs any repairs or is too old. Installing solar panels on an old roof may not be a wise decision, as it is quite possible that roof repairs will be needed soon. And what happens in this case? Will you uninstall and install the panels all over again? 

So, keep in mind that solar panels can have a lifespan of 25 years or even more under normal conditions, as well as that the materials from which your roof has been made can be affected by environmental conditions. Thus, roofs, most probably, will not last for more than 20 years. Therefore, your roof must be in the best condition before installing solar panels. Timely repairs to your roof will contribute to avoiding troubles and additional costs for removing the panels and remounting them after the roof repairs. 

Can your roof handle the additional weight? 

The solar panels will significantly increase the weight that your roof handles. In case that the roof cannot handle the additional weight, then serious problems can be caused. Therefore, it is important to ask for a professional evaluation of your roof’s condition. The professional will advise you if additional support is required to complete the installation.

Maintenance of solar panels 

It is critical to keep your solar panels as well as your roof in a good condition to get a high return on investment. You must be sure that nothing blocks panels from efficiently absorbing the sun. Thus, you should be able to make the needed procedures to keep the solar panel in good condition. So, before installing PV on your roof, make sure that you can do the needed maintenance procedures. Ask your contractor what these procedures would be and consider if you are able to do them in a systematic way. Moreover, you should first discuss with your installer the warranty before deciding to clean the panels yourself. It is possible that the manufacturer of solar panels will terminate the warranty in case any self-cleaning will be done.

Choosing the right inclination angle and positioning 

If you have a tiled roof, then the best angle for installing solar panels is the angle of your roof. In the case of a flat roof, you have two options. You can either mount the panels on tilt frames or install them flat. However, in the case of the second option, you must be ready to clean the panels quite often during the year. Otherwise, when PV panels are installed with angle, they can be self-clean during rain. 

Moreover, if there are big trees around your roof, they will create shades blotting out the sun and minimizing the energy produced by the panels. Also, consider if your home will be blocked from the sun in the future. If your roof is exposed to enough sunlight for a long period of the year, then investing in solar energy is a very good idea. In any case, you must be sure that the part of your roof in which you decided to install the solar panels is the one that receives the most sunlight. 

How many panels can your roof support?

The surface area of your roof determines how many solar panels can be installed. If the size of your roof is small or a small portion of the roof gets direct sunlight, you will not be able to install a lot of panels. In this case, it is quite important to avoid bad solar mounting structures trying to maximize the amount of energy produced. Bad installation structures could be very dangerous in case of extreme weather conditions.

Generally, if you are going to invest in solar energy, try to find a contractor who will assist you in making the best decisions after analyzing your needs. Thus, you should first make research on companies that will undertake the installation of your photovoltaic panels.

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