Helios 2100 – AS189 2024-04-18T09:24:17+02:00

The mounting system AS189 is the best choice for ground-mounted PV projects. The installation is accomplished with steel piles and supports all kinds of panel alignment (portrait, landscape).  The greatest possible opening between the piles is achieved by adjusting the system for the optimum tilt angle for each project. The two hot-dip galvanized steel piles with coating 80μm for corrosion resistance, are combined with the aluminium mounting system made by specially hardened alloy 6005A, to provide wide spans between the triangles. The system is designed and engineered according to the Eurocodes. The static efficiency and durability are established by the structural and foundation study according to meteorological and soil conditions. The system can be delivered in pre-assembled triangles, offering, flexibility, security, and speed minimizing the installation time of solar power plants with a 20-year guarantee.

Installation with a tilt ranging from 10⁰ to 35⁰ can be either in Portrait or Landscape orientation

Foundation with piles and delivered in the form of pre-assembled triangles for easy installation

A specially designed system that prevents direct contact between steel and aluminium parts


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