Helios 2100 – AS182 2023-01-16T10:28:18+02:00

The mounting system AS182 is the evolution of the successful system AS180 suitable for ground-mounted solar panel installations. The new system is equipped with a highly reinforced inclined beam for even greater durability. The philosophy of single-pile installation remains the same. However, AS182 offers the possibility of achieving wider spans between the triangles and using fewer piles per project. Additionally, the system is a highly cost-efficient solution with resistance to extreme weather conditions.

The advantages of the AS182 mounting system:

  • Minimization of the installation time
  • One pile per mounting triangle is required. The installer has just to level according to East-West orientation. Thus, less time for the leveling is needed.
  • Fewer screws are needed.
  • Certified according to Eurocodes 1, 3, and 9.
  • 20 years guarantee
  • Structural and static analysis is provided after the agreement.
  • Specially designed system to prevent direct contact between steel and aluminium parts

Technical Characteristics

Product Line: H2100
Type: AS182
Implementation: Ground
Alloy: 6005Τ6
Placement: Portrait
Tilt: 25-30 degrees
Installation: With piles
Special Characteristics:
  • Pre-assembled
  • Special system to prevent direct contact between steel and aluminium parts


Certificate TUV-25
Certificate TUV-30