Four new projects using the solar mounting system AS189 in Cyprus

//Four new projects using the solar mounting system AS189 in Cyprus

Alumil Solar, despite the adverse conditions caused by the pandemic, continues its international presence in the field of renewable energy, contributing towards the completion of four large-scale projects with a total capacity of 5 MW in Cyprus. Thus, the company’s portfolio of completed projects expands even further, reaching a total installed capacity of 1.5 GW.

Specifically, the project was completed in July 2020 by the EPC company “SUNEL Group”. The installation of the panels took place in Frenaro, Avgorou, Dali and Geri, Cyprus. For the installation needs, the mounting system AS189 of the product line H2100 was used, which is the ideal combination of aluminum and steel. Thanks to the aluminum purlins, a total of 12,784 photovoltaic panels were installed in a minimum time with great flexibility.

The AS189 system is the best choice for ground mounted installations. It supports all kinds of panel alignment and can be adjusted for the optimum inclination angle for each project, offering the greatest possible opening between the piles. The two hot-dip galvanized steel piles for corrosion resistance are combined with the aluminium mounting system made by special hardened alloy 6005A, to provide wide spans between the triangles.  

Alumil Solar with 20 years of experience in the construction industry of photovoltaic mounting structures, thanks to its advanced in-house R&D department and its modern production facilities, is able to provide complete support services from the beginning to the end of each project with guaranteed results.

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