ALUMIL Solar closes 2022 with a 47% increase in total installed capacity

//ALUMIL Solar closes 2022 with a 47% increase in total installed capacity

2022 ended on a positive note for our company, one of the leading companies in the design and construction of photovoltaic mounting structures, as the total installed capacity in the projects we participated in exceeded 220MW, marking a 47% increase compared to 2021. 

In the past year, our company participated in more than 700 projects in Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Romania, and Balkan countries, with 72% of these projects involving the installation of ground-mounted systems, 14% the installation of industrial-roof systems, and 13% the installation of mounting systems for flat and tiled roofs. The best-selling mounting systems in the total number of projects implemented include: 

  • The mounting system Helios 2100 – SS189, the best choice for ground-mounted PV projects, with a foundation on corrosion-resistant steel piles and an inclined steel beam.   
  • The mounting system Helios 2400 – AS410 for industrial roofs, which features a light and strong profile that reduces the weight on the carrying structure.
  • The mounting system Helios 2300 – AS360 for flat roofs, a lightweight construction that consists of very few components easily assembled.  

Our course is expected to be upward in 2023, with our company focusing on the development of new products to effectively meet the needs of the market. These include CARPORT, an innovative parking shade that combines the usability of a shelter for outdoor parking spaces with the production of “green” energy by applying PV panels on its roof. In addition, we will focus on the vertical installation of PV panels in buildings, an application with multiple economic and environmental benefits that maximizes the use of solar energy and helps to drastically reduce the energy consumption of buildings.  

If you are interested in working with our team for your next project, taking advantage of our extensive experience, the potential of customized solutions as well as the speed of delivery, and the excellent customer support we offer, contact us here. 

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