Helios 2200 – AS250 2023-01-16T09:45:33+02:00

The mounting system AS250 offers the possibility for easy assembly by achieving large spans (up to 1,8m) between the mounting points. Depending on the requirements of each project, it can be adjusted in three dimensions while it is suitable for various types of roof tiles (e.g., Roman, Dutch). The solar panels can be placed either in portrait or landscape alignment, achieving maximum roof coverage. The system is assembled easily and provides high resistance to wind and snow loads.

Technical Characteristics

Product Line: H2200
Type: AS250
Implementation: Tile roof
Alloy: 6005Τ6
Placement: Portrait | Landscape
Tilt: Tangential to the slope of the roof
Installation: With hooks
Special Characteristics: Pre-assembled


TUV certification